About Doctor Me and You

At Doctor Me and You, we are dedicated to advancing the accessibility of affordable, in-home diagnostics and health tools. Our mission is to accompany individuals and communities on a journey of exploration, learning, and thriving. Together, we explore diverse healing approaches, embrace emerging health technologies, and uplift each other to reclaim health and wellness.



Doctor Me and You is more than a community—it's a living ecosystem of naturopathic doctors and individuals committed to your holistic well-being. We stand as your ally, empowering you to explore natural healing modalities, learn from cutting edge technologies and thrive in your healing journey—all from the comfort of your home.


Driven by the vision of making simple diagnostics and health tools accessible to everyone inexpensively, we are here to help you decipher your body's language.


Led by Dr. Michelle, our approach is personal, focused on understanding your unique health story, and providing tools for healing at home, your way.

Welcome to Doctor Me and You, where your destination is RECLAIMING YOUR HEALTH with your own personal "WELLNESS WIZARD"

About Dr. Michelle

Michelle's journey from Health Enthusiast to Wellness Wizzard was inspired by a desire to help individuals like her mom who has progressive MS. 

Growing up, Michelle was fascinated by medicine and nutrition, and used to memorize everything from food labels to the backs of shampoo bottles. 

During her International BA degree, she moved to China for the first time. From tongue analysis to herbal teas and tinctures, Michelle gathered knowledge and skills over her several years of China adventures! 

During her Master's in Science from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, she listened excitedly when classmates talked about food and medicine from their home countries, always searching for "golden health nuggets" that she continues to use and share with patients today.

After returning to the US, Michelle went on to work in a Funtional Brain Clinic and a Thermography Center adding Health Coach, Life Coach, Nutrition Specialist, Holistic MBA, and Doctor of Naturopathy to her XP (experience points). 

Upon leaving the Thermography Center, Dr Michelle launched Doctor Me and You with her husband, Dr Matthew Einsohn! Together they built a VoiceWise whole-body diagnostic report, filmed 30 Health@Home Episodes, wrote and taught classes on muscle testing and emotional intelligence, provided therapy to PTSD veterans through the Give Them A Voice non-profit foundation, joined the AVACEN Medical Advisory Board, and shared their knowledge with hundreds of individuals from the East Coast to the West Coast. 

Michelle's future quest is to create a fun and engaging Worldwide Community of Wellness Wizards & Health Enthusiasts that share all manner of remedies, recipies, healing treasures and experiences!

About Dr. Matthew

Meet Dr. Matthew Einsohn, a third-generation healer and Doctor of Naturopathy from First National University. His journey into natural healing began at the tender age of 12, practicing muscle testing—an art passed down through generations. Using the philosophy and teachings of Dr. Morter, he honed his skills in the bioenergetic synchronization technique.

Growing up, choosing dinner meant a muscle test first, thanks to his father. His stepmom added massage and jin shin jitsu techniques to his repertoire—skills working magic on the nervous system.

Dr. Matthew earned his Bachelor's in Psychology with honors from the University of Texas, focusing on the psychological impact of the environment on health. His groundbreaking study, "The Horticulture Effects on ADD and ADHD kids," marked his first stride into practical application.

A Master’s in BauBiology followed, delving into how buildings impact health. Concurrently, studying Systems Thinking enhanced his problem-solving prowess. Unleashing these skills, he dove deeper into muscle testing, uncovering the root causes behind symptoms.

Post-graduation, Bagua and Tai Chi entered his life, revolutionizing internal healing. Over a decade, he delved into Tesla technology, mastering electromedicine with TENS, RIFE, Pulse Device, and VIBE machines.

Joining forces with his father at the Thermography Center Of Dallas, Dr. Matthew spent six years growing the practice and building a report that deep dived further into thermography. A new chapter unfolded when he and his wife founded Doctor Me And You in Sedona, AZ.

In Arizona, Dr. Matthew and Dr. Michelle Einsohn embraced cutting-edge voice analysis technology, crafting a diagnostic report for at-home use. They rigorously test this against other tools, collaborating with medical professionals to redefine diagnostics. Dr. Matthew Einsohn—a healer with a legacy, weaving science and intuition to guide your journey to wellness.

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